How to use VPN in Android Phones

We can use vpn in mobile phone through vpnbook is a free vpn provider.they are provides vpn for free. if you don’t know what is vpn i explain the vpn is a tool which is protect your privacy online .it mean if you want to surf secure you must use vpn . In other way  […]

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How to Fix Too Many Redirects Error in WordPress

Too many redirects is a loop problem in wordpress . its problem many times very difficult  to solving. actually this problem many cause , sometime it come on the updating wordpress version .wordpress is platform that work on php coding . it will redirect to infinitive and our website will not work properly . if […]

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How to access block Websites

Hello friends today we write about blocks websites which are not works in many states or country . we know due to some potential or restricted information many country block websites. they are blocked ip address of all in covered area who they are restrict. I gonna show you how to show block website , […]

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